Strategy And Company Ethics For Success

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Strategy And Company Ethics Companies should come up with a vision that involves a strategy and company ethics for success. Vision is key in management and strategic plan in all businesses including the school system. (Ghavier, Afsari, Siraj, & Razak, 2013) The organization with vision driven strategy, policies, and procedures will enhance the company’s performance and will help in the change process (Ghavier et al, 2013). Benson (2015) stated that with accessibility of information, there is a need to share knowledge within businesses to create a sense of team work. Organizations coming up with a strategy to get all involved to perform at high levels. Involving ethics in the plan will help the company succeed in the strategic decisions. This paper will discuss the leader’s role in the business strategy decision-making, assess management style that will be efficient in the business plan and ethical decision-making to attain competitive lead. Also, strategic decision-making verse cross-culture virtual businesses will examine the differences.
Leader’s Role in the Business Strategy Decisions The leader should be the facilitator in the vision driven plan for change. Crader and Yrchik (1994) mentioned one should a well-define vision and efficient preparation, leader’s looks at all elements for organizational change. The leader gets all stakeholders to buy into the mission and vision of the organizational. According to Travis (2016), should define a committee

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