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The purpose of this paper is to reflect on my thoughts on how I can utilize certain methods that will help shape the vision of the organization. I will explain how ethics play a role in leadership and decision making. This week I encountered multiple dilemmas which affected my actions at work, home, and school; in this paper I will exploit those dilemmas and how they are considered weakness that I incorporated in my IDP. Using last week 's assignment to start an IDP, I came up with certain actions (part 3) to take to further advance myself as a leader. The reasoning behind these actions will show how proper ethical actions define a leader, and the influence it holds with the organization’s culture.
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It is rare that a person can easily find their own faults, because they think that everything they do is right or justified. For the longest time this was me. As expressed by Urbany, Joel, Reynolds, and Phillips (2008), “Chief among these traps, especially regarding decisions that people later come to regret, is their failure to evaluate decisions in a comprehensive way that focuses on values trade-offs.” I thought I was a great leader, and there was nothing else that I could learn as a person. It was through the assessments and this week’s work reflection, I realized through regret there is so much work needs to be done. I have to acknowledge my downfalls willingly in order to correct them. I realized that my ambitions strive me to continually take on tasks. I felt overwhelmed this week because of these ambitions. I understand that my attitude at times can alter a situation because I have people looking at everything that I do. Even though I tried to hide my true feelings for the best of the organization, my thoughts reflected in my actions. Two other weaknesses are time-management and organization. These two goes hand in hand and I realized that I suffer tremendously from lack thereof and have found multiple solutions to help enhance these weaknesses as I expressed in the IDP. I feel these two will be challenging as well because I realize that organization at work is limited. It is much more of filling in the gaps and

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