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This is because the Racial Discrimination Act is imposing strict penalties upon any entity that is in violation of these provisions. As the law is going after outright discrimination (in areas such as: the workplace, housing and the distribution of public services) to hatred that is directed from one person to the other. This is designed to prevent all forms of racial discrimination from taking place on all levels inside society. (Cropanzano, 2001) (Greenberg, 1990) However, inside the Commonwealth there is also the belief in ideas of free speech must be respected. This means that there are certain areas which are not covered. The most notable include:
An artistic work or performance.
A statement, publication, discussion or debate.
Making fair and accurate reports that are in the interests of the general public.
A comment that is reflecting someone's personal opinions.
This is illustrating how the law is forcing dramatic changes in attitudes about race relations and discrimination. While at the same time, it is balancing out the basic ideas of free speech. ("Know Your Rights," 2012) In response to these challenges, many municipalities and governments have created their own strategic plans. This is designed to balance the needs of different demographics of population…
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