Strengths Of Existentialism

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This assignment is about “the main features of the existentialist view” (UoPeople, 2017), or existentialism, as well as the major strengths and weaknesses, and what is appealing or discouraging about Sartre’s Theory. First and foremost, existentialism is a philosophical theory or “approach that emphasizes the existence of the individual person as a free and responsible agent determining their own development through acts of the will” (Prezi, 2017). In other ways is a philosophy that focuses on human existence and the important of their personal freedom, decision, and commitment. It “originated with the 19th century philosophers” (Philosophybasics, 2017) Kierkegaard, who was religious, and Nietzsche, an anti-Christian, though “they never used …show more content…

Existentialists claim that everyone ought to make moral decisions in their lives which involve the same anguish that Abraham faced. This is another kind of anxiety that faced individuals in the 20th century when existentialism philosophy started. The story is like this, God commanded Abraham to kill his son, who was Isaac. So, Abraham is an example of an individual who ought to make a tormenting choice. That is between his love for Isaac and God, or the universal law “thou shalt not kill” and his unique religious faith. So, he breaks the universal law because of fear and shivering, not because he does not know the law. So, the conclusion is that one ought to take an exception to the universal law because he is an exception, which is a person whose existence can never be completely controlled by any universal …show more content…

This is shown in magician when they perform their magic, and in prophets and religious leaders, who believe and have faith in these deities, can heal people because of powers given from these deities. So, if they don’t exist, then why is there a practical proof of them in these people? Another weakness of the existentialist view is the fact that when treating patients with psychological problems, they may not fit in any of the four different themes discussed above. As a result, they cannot be treated

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