Strengths Of Formative Evaluation

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1.6.2 Formative Evaluation It is used in improving the performance of teacher, student and curriculum developer. It is used in determining the mastery level of the learner and the remedy to make. It is a quality control evaluation. In the words of A.J. Nikto, “Formative evaluation is concerned with judgements made during the design or development of a programme which is directed towards modifying, forming and otherwise improving the programme before it is completed.” Formative evaluation is used to monitor learning progress during instruction and to provide continuous feedback to both pupil and teacher concerning learning successes and failures. Feedback to pupils reinforces successful learning and identifies the learning errors that need …show more content…

It is used in making decisions regarding the future of the students or the program being developed; whether it should be continued or terminated, replicated or disseminated. W. Wiersma and S.G. Jurs state, “Summative evaluation is done at the conclusion of instruction and measures the extent to which students have attained the desired outcomes.” Summative evaluation is done at the end or completion of a particular instructional programme whose duration may vary from a semester to whole year. It checks whether there has been learning or not. If the answer is yes, then what is the quantity and quality of the learning in relation to predetermined objectives? For this evaluation, there are external examinations as well as teacher made tests and rating scales …show more content…

It informs teachers how well the intended learning outcomes have been achieved by students. The criterion referenced evaluation aims at measuring the achievement of a learner on a certain domain to find out his level of achievement in that domain. It has little to do with the achievement level of other learners. Poham, W.J. and Husek, T.R. defines it as “Those which are used to ascertain an individual’s status with respect to some criterion. It is because the individual is compared with some established criterion, rather than other individuals, that these measures are described as criterion- referenced evaluation. The meaning of an individual score is not dependent on comparison with other testers. We want to know what the individual can do, not how much he stands in comparison to others.” For CRE to be beneficial to learning, explicit criteria are essential which provide clear learning goals to

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