Stress Disorders: Symptoms Of Schizophrenia

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The more we learn about stress, the more we understand how great a role it plays in a wide range of diseases and conditions. Not surprisingly, this is especially true of psychiatric problems such as psychosis, affective illness (a category that includes manic-depression and major depression)and alcoholism (Harkness, Monroe, Simmons, & Thase 1999). Stress is one major factor to a wide range of mental illnesses one being schizophrenia. Many health officials are currently finding ways to reduce stress levels in different individuals. Stress seems to be a harmful trigger for a person suffering with schizophrenia often causing their symptoms to be more prominent during high times of stress. For a patient with schizophrenia different stressors can affect ones psychosis such as divorce of parents, death of a loved one, tests in school, grades, weight, relationships, moving from place to place, or change of therapist. These stressors are all risks for a person in becoming schizophrenic in turn leading them to becoming…show more content…
This increased susceptibility to stress fits the current thinking that schizophrenia is fundamentally related to a combination of difficulty in filtering out what is happening in the outside world and misattribution of internal thoughts and feelings, along with an inability or lessened ability to interpret social cues, all of which make it difficult for individuals with schizophrenia
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