Stroke Rehabilitation

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Nintendo Wii games improve UL function. This controlled clinical trial showed increased motivation to participate in rehab. This motivation means clients were actively involved which increased the benefits and effectiveness of rehab. Pietrzak, E., Cotea, C. and Pullman, S. (2014). Using commercial video games for upper limb stroke rehabilitation: Is this the way of the future? Topics in Stroke Rehabilitation, 21(2), 152–162. doi: 10.1310/tsr2102-152. Wii for stroke has advantages of clients being interested and enjoy games encouraging more repetitions, the task can be graded, there is immediate feedback, can be used without supervision. Rehabilitation should be intensive which is limited in inpatient. This systematic review show Wii provides for assumption 5 sensory input in the form of visual, tactile, aural and proprioception. Assumption 4 wii is task specific. Wii provides for EF 2 feedback giving both internal and external feedback, and EF 3 practice as a client that is actively involved in the task and has buy in. Recommend post discharge 1 hour of active practice a day. …show more content…

(2010). Use of the occupational therapy task-oriented approach to optimize the motor performance of a client with cognitive limitations. American Journal of Occupational Therapy, 64(5), 727–734. doi:10.5014/ajot.2010.08026 MRP to improve occupational performance by optimizing motor behavior though active practice of context specific motor tasks. Early use to reduce secondary impairments. This study demonstrates the use of task-oriented approach with clients with cognitive

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