Structural Functionalist And Marx And Engels 's Theory Of Stratification

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Social stratification refers to a layer of inequality which society ranks categories of individuals in a hierarchy. The term stratification comes from the geology term ‘strata’ meaning rock layers. Throughout this paper I will touch base on ways structural functionalist and Marx and Engels view stratification in society, different way exploitation take place in capitalist society according to Marx and Engles, the basic elements of exploitation, the forces that keep society from rebelling, and a few ways Davis and Moore critique Marx and Engels’ model of stratification. Both Marx and Engels agree that stratification is unnecessary within society. They both believe that stratification is a form of control that resulted from exploitation. Which reflect their view from the perspective of the “undergo” also known as the working class.For them stratification is about the exploitation of the working class.They explain the system, society, and capitalist society that on have benefits the rich and not the workers. Which is very different view from spencer. They both believe humans have values. The rich get more resources and the worker less. Which is problematic because the workers produce the resources but they don’t get anything. According to Marx the Elites benefit form the system because they have the money so they can afford to be creative (go to a university, museum and other enjoyments) While the workers are exploited in the system because they don 't have money, they are
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