Essay on Structure & Culture in Organizations

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Impact of Structure and Culture on an Organization
High tech companies Oracle, Apple, Google, and Facebook have varying degrees of organically functioning organizations. How the organization opts to structure teams and the degree to which it fosters cross-team collaboration plays a significant role in employee satisfaction. A review of Oracle’s history and structure from the perspective of a current employee offer insight to the internal challenges a company must address both ethically and legally and the impact on job performance and turnover of employees.
Setting standard behavior expectations in the workplace is important for all levels of management. A “culture of respect, trust and honest communication” can make or break the …show more content…

They responded by developing their own processes and organizational cultures, making it impossible to view the state of the organization at the global level.
Lack of formalization at the corporate level turned into a degraded quality of product and customer service, company credibility was severely impacted. With the embedded culture focused on competitiveness, the lack of control and communication typical of the disadvantages of the boundary less organizational structure became highly visible (Robbins, Decenzo & Coulter, 2013). Competing tech companies took advantage of these weaknesses and boldly marketed the negative aspect impacting Oracle’s success further.
This mid-level management perspective at the business unit level was also highly visible at the individual contributor level. It was common for a sales rep to overpromise the customer on product functionality or service, and then leave the company just before being impacted financially by the customer pursuing a legal resolution. The lack of ethical behavior in the sales process quickly expanded to how employees engaged each other. Issues ranged from employees not playing by the rules managing to get ahead to consummate fraternity type behavior.
In an effort to drive cultural change, executives

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