Structure Of The Atomic Structure

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TASK 1:- Describe the structure (including the atomic structure) associated with 1. Metal 2. Polymer- Elastomer 3. Ceramic 4. Composite- Carbon Fibre 5. Smart Material  METAL:- Metals are chemical components with general characteristics and similar Physical and Chemical Properties underneath traditional conditions. The study of metals is named science. Not all of the metals have the properties and characteristics below. Several components is also classified as metals consistent with one set of properties and as non-metals consistent with another Metals are large structures of atoms command along by bronze bonds. Giant implies that giant however variable numbers of atoms are concerned - counting on the scale of the little bit of metal. The structures of pure metals square measure straight Forward to explain as a result of the atoms that type these metals may be thought of as identical good spheres. Constant may be aforesaid regarding the structure of the rare gases (He, Ne, Ar, so on) at terribly low temperatures. These substances all crystallize in one in all four basic structures: straightforward cube like (SC), body-cantered cube like (BCC), polygon closest-packed (HCP), and cube like closest-packed (CCP). Most metals are shut packed - that 's, they match as several atoms as potential into the out there volume. Every atom within the structure has twelve touching neighbours. Such a metal is delineated as 12-co-ordinated. Each atom has half-dozen different atoms
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