Student Academic Clubs And Student Organizations : Do They Help Students With A Sense Of Belonging? Essay

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Student Academic Clubs and Student Organizations: Do They Help Students with A Sense of Belonging? In what ways do Student Academic Clubs and Student Organizations in college help students fit in, to achieve a sense of belonging? There are many ways student academic clubs and student organizations help with a sense of belonging in an academic setting. On the North Idaho College campus in Coeur d 'Alene, Idaho we have English club with the mission statement through North Idaho College “The North Idaho English Club is a group of intellectual individuals who strive to provide the North Idaho College with literary insight and events”. The N.I.C has Philosophy Club their mission statement “Our mission is to provide aspiring intellectuals on and off campus with a constructive environment in which to learn and grow together”. These are just a few of the North Idaho College Academic Clubs, there are many to choose from. It depends on where the student feels a liking to or a sense of belonging, a connection. Kimberly F. Case is part of Center for Intercultural Teaching & Learning, Goshen College, Goshen, Indiana talks about “Participating in campus clubs and organizations is one way for students to become purposefully involved in their educational experience. As students participate in these groups, they can expect to experience gains in a variety of areas: cognitive skills (Gellin, 2003); self-confidence and interpersonal skills (Huang & Chang, 2004); a variety of developmental
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