Student Engagement And Motivation For A Diverse Group Of Learners

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Working with a diverse group of learners comes with the territory of being a classroom teacher. The students that attend Stafford Middle School are no different. I chose to complete my research on the topic of student engagement and motivation for a variety of reasons. Stafford Middle School, where I teach, underwent a massive transformation this school year from housing only six-hundred students to now housing twelve hundred. These students were pulled from their schools in the middle of middle school to be transferred to another school, often resulting in a longer ride to school each day. Many of these students and their families harbor resentment toward the school for forcing this transition on these students during an already turbulent time in their lives. In addition, to the stresses that exist within this transition, middle school is already an extremely difficult time for students socially and academically. Middle school marks the transition from elementary where the school day is regulated and regimented, to an environment that allows more room for choice on the part of the student. For students at Stafford Middle the transition into middle school has been made more complex by having to face a changing academic landscape two years in a row.
Another reason for my interest in student engagement and motivation is the landscape of my own classroom. If you walked into my classroom at during any given school day you would see me teaching students with little to no English

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