Student Expectation Seen As Causing Grade Disputes Essay

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For those who have citizenship in America, who are living in “the land of the free and the home of the brave” as the American national anthem suggests, education for all has consequently become an important part of who we are as a society. Yet, because of the vastness of the subject, individuals have different ideas regarding what education should look like in a school setting, which has in turn lead to the question, “what makes a successful student?” Are students successful only if their grade is a B or higher, or is there something more then the grade system that defines success?

In the article“Student Expectation Seen as Causing Grade Disputes” , it specifically points out a common dispute among college students regarding grades. Colleges around the country have been having to handle a substantial amount of perturbed students complaining that they have received a considerably lower grade for a designated assignment then the amount of effort they applied to accomplish it deserved. Discouraged and angry, students see their teachers' explanations of grades being based ability not effort, as unfair and stifling. I understand where these students are coming …show more content…

In the article “Student Expectation Seen as Causing Grade Disputes”, Professor Bower said, “ If students developed a genuine interest in their field, grades would take a back seat, and holistic and intrinsically motivated learning could take place.” Consequently our mentality should not be, “ I worked hard therefore I deserve an A”, but instead should be, “ Whatever my grade, I did my best and have come away from this class with more knowledge and understanding of this topic then I entered with.” As my mentality changed in regard to how a student can be successful, my intent and goals for AP English Language and Composition fell into

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