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The Integrity of Today’s Students
Why do students often show a deficit of integrity in school? A large number of students don't have the time to study because teachers assign a lot of practice homework that eats up their time after school. Also, parents sometimes pressure their children too much to get straight A’s, which leads to students cheating on tests. In this century, the internet has become a great place for students to plagiarize from. Student workload, parental pressure, and the availability of technology, are to blame for the lack of integrity among students, which shows that students today are overwhelmed by the expectations placed on them by society.
High School students have an exceptional amount of homework and extracurricular activities, which leaves them with little time to study. The main reason teachers assign homework is to reinforce what students learned in class and to help students memorize concepts with repetition. Many teachers do not realize how long their assignments take to complete and that many other teachers also assign lengthy homework. A student, Eve, says that “his teachers pile on homework, so much to where [he is] staying up until nearly three in the morning” (Gonchar). Eve clearly will not have any time to study since he is staying up doing homework the next day. Students like him, who might have trouble managing time, will feel extreme pressure, which will result in them cheating. Students feel like they need to take extracurricular

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