Student Name: Lingenfelser, Sarah Amanda.

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Student Name: Lingenfelser, Sarah Amanda


1. Consider the qualities that mark a leader—vision, ability, enthusiasm, stability, concern for others, self-confidence, persistence, vitality, charisma, and integrity. On the basis of these 10 qualities, discuss the best leader you have ever had

Student Answer: Mindy Lill has by far been the strongest leader I have ever had. She was the community manager at my first property as an assistant manager. She and I were both newly promoted to our positions but from the start she had a clear vision on how the property would be ran. She was enthusiastic about guiding our team to …show more content…

This community 's previous management did not serve the residents well and it was my mission to show them all that apartment living with Bell Partners would be the best they ever had. Unfortunately, the manager did not agree with nor encourage my mission. His leadership style was very dictatorial and incredibly unprofessional. He reprimanded employees publicly and seemed to enjoy belittling others. He yelled, cussed, and made fun of others without ever having a second thought. It only took about four weeks for me to know that this scenario would not last long. Each day was became more and more dreadful. I would get headaches on the way to work each day just from the anticipation of what the day might bring. My female co-workers and I would meet in the bathroom to debrief some of the awful things he would say. After eight weeks, I threw in the towel. I submitted a two week notice to the company that I had professionally grown so much in and had been with for three years. I hated to leave the company but there were no other positions available to transfer to. I kept in touch with many of my previous co-workers and was actually rehired at a different community just one year later. About two months after my rehire, news spread that the former dictator had finally been fired.

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