Student Reading On Reading And Comprehension

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One must fully immerse themselves into their work in order to get a positive result from it. Everyday I went to the Aruppe placement, I was given a different set of students that had low scores on reading and comprehension. We would read through there independent reading book , one page at a time. The student read to me to practice their fluency while I listen for correct pronunciation and fluidity. Sometimes the students like it when I took turns reading and then they benefited from listening to my modeled reading. They also had worksheets that went along with their chosen book that they usually needed help understanding. I would make sure that they understood the task and checked that they wrote in complete and thorough responses. How students engage with or make decisions about the ways they read and write within social spaces thus has social, material, and psychological consequences that can influence an individual’s literacy practices.
As a college student , that has been through that part of my education system already , I believe I bring a interesting perspective to the class setting. I am looked upon for relevant feedback and at times , life lessons. The students expect me to be able to answer all their questions about high school and college. I am the closer person to their age in the a leadership role. I am there to help the students know that they are worthy and smart human being. Even though , society at times makes them feel lesser of a person . I reinforce…
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