Students Are Not College And Career Ready Nationally

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Section 1: Introduction to the Study Students are not college and career ready nationally and this is more than likely attributed to low reading abilities. This is an on-going problem that needs immediate attention. It is not a new problem but because of the advance changes and the technology driven mind of the 21st century we have a gap in our educational system.
The probablilty of students struggling to become fluent readers is evident as early as prek which gives an insight on which students will be on grade level by third grade. According to Paul (2012), “Third grade is the year that students move from learning to read — decoding words using their knowledge of the alphabet — to reading to learn”. In the Spring of 2015, the State Department of Education in South Carolina began an effort to ensure that all students were career and college ready upon graduating form high school. This was an exertion that stakeholders would pull their load in making sure that all students in the state of South Carolina would foster the ability to become proficient readers.
Early years are the emphasis for the prevention of reading complications and research ‘conducted over the past two decades has produced wide-ranging results signifying that children who get off to a poor start in reading seldom catch up. A specific research based approach used in helping struggling readers is that of guided reading. Iaquinta (2006), stated that guided reading, is an important

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