Students Are Not Entering The Classroom With The Knowledge And Understanding Of Multicultural Education

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Problem Statement Teachers are not entering the classroom with the knowledge and understanding of the importance of multicultural literature. The students are suffering due to the lack of diverse reading literature incorporated into units of reading study. There is a need for staff developments and in-services to help educate teachers on ways to provide multicultural literacy awareness in primary schools.

• To heightening the awareness of the importance of multicultural literature in early grades.
• To prepare educators for diversity in the classroom.
• To encourage educators to implement multicultural literature in the classroom
• To determine the importance of preparation courses to equip educators for …show more content…

Reading is a great way for students to engage in cultural experiences from their own background, history, values and customs (Blake, 2015) Educators need to understand the importance of multicultural education and provide opportunities for their students to learn about different cultures (Chittom, 2015). The literature should spark children’s imaginations and provide a basis for questions and conversations. (Meade, 2015). It is important for preschool and elementary students to see themselves and their communities reflected in the literature they read (Blake, 2015).

Effects of Incorporating Multicultural Literacy in the Classroom
Multiculturalism adds to students comfort when working with their peers of diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds (Werner, 2013). At its best multicultural children’s literature helps students understand that despite our many differences we all share common feelings and aspirations (Allers, 2011). It is critical to make sure that teachers have professional development programs that teacher educators how to integrate multicultural education into their curricula (Werner, 2013). A successful school system treats diversity as a source of potential growth rather than a hindrance to student performance (OECD, 2010).

This qualitative study is designed to investigate teacher/educators knowledge of the importance of incorporating multicultural

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