Studies of Teachers' Qualities

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This study was conducted in 2 stages. Stage 1 used a modified Reactive Delphi technique to develop and determine content validity of the teacher quality scale. Stage 2 incorporated the distribution of the scale to a convenience sample of students learning English at a private center to determine scale construct validity and internal consistency. Ethical issues in conducting the research was highly aware although there are no such rules in current context of Vietnam. Stage 1: Instrument development The literature was intensively reviewed to gather relevant information on ESL teacher quality. However, despite there is abundance of research about quality that students need from ESL teachers, most of them were conducted in other countries rather than Vietnam. Hence, the first step is to verify whether these qualities are relevant to Vietnamese ESL students. As such the literature was used as a guide for obtaining qualitative data about ESL teacher quality in Vietnamese students’ perspectives. Collecting student perceptions of ESL teacher quality To gather Vietnamese students’ perceptions of ESL teacher quality, two group interviews were conducted to randomly selected students from an ESL center in Can Tho city. One interview to 6 students lasted 45 minutes; the other to 8 students lasted for 65 minutes. In addition, the researcher also interviewed 13 individual students. The participants ranged from 18 to 27 years of age with diverse backgrounds. Most of them were studying at
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