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Muslim Reformist Movements:Mujadad Alf Sani Sheikh Ahmad Sirhindi

Brief Life History
Birth 26th June 1564, Sirhind in East Punajb. Named Ahmed and title was Badr-ul-Dir
S/o Sheikh Abdul Ahad uptio Hazrat Umer Farooq
Read Quran, Hadith and Fiqh from father and Maulana Kamal and Maulana Yaqub Kashmiri
Journey to Agra and met with Fazl and Faizi
Journey to Delhi and met with Hazrat Khawaja Baqi Billah Bairang
Died in 10th December 1624 in Sirhin

Hazrat Khwaja Baqi Billah predicted
“Sheikh Ahmad is such a light which will illuminate the whole world”

Service to Islam
Origin of Concept of Wahdatul Shahood against Mohayyudin Ibn-e-Arabi’s concept
Efforts against Bhakti Movement and Deen-e-Ilahi
The Bhakti movement
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Bhakti Movement
The history of the movement goes back to the time of great reformer Shankracharya who gave Hinduism a solid philosophical background. But the movement became popular in the middle ages. Chaitanya led the movement in the east( modern Uttar Pradesh), Tuka Ram, Nam Dev and Tirlochan in the Central India, Sadna, Pipa, Mirabai, Tulsi Das and above all Kabir were its leaders in the north. Kabir’s teachings had great influence in the Punjab, but actually the movement in the Punjab was led by Guru Nanak and his nine successors. The message of love and devotion to god was spread among the people of the Punjab for ten generations. This intense and organized propaganda of the Bhakti cult by the Sikh Gurus led to the foundation of a community of Bhaktas known as the Sikhs.

“To consider Ram and Rehman as one is stupidity because creator cannot be one with its creation”

Reformation Efforts
Transfer of Kingdom to Prince Saleem (Jehangir)
Connection with Dignitaries specially with Ameer Nawab Jahan Khan
“You can add the abiding by of Shariat in your services and do the work of prophets which will exalt the religion. Begars like us cannot reach anywhere near you even if we try for yers with our lives”
Imprisonment by Jehangir in Gwaliar for one year but later recdeived Khilat-e-Fakhira and 1000 rupess
Promotion of Naqshbandia Chain
Reformin Scholars and Mystics
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