Proposal To Study Women Empowerment Through Self-Help Groups

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My topic of interest is to study women empowerment through self-help groups. There is program called DWACRA which stands for Development of Women And Children in Rural Areas, an initiative of an Indian state to pull rural women out of poverty and provide self-esteem and employment opportunities. My interest is to study the phenomena of transition in women joining the group and role of these self-help groups in women empowerment. For that purpose, I choose to interview someone who participated in it. So I approached Shobha, who happens to be my friend’s mother. She is ex-divisional president of DWACRA for the period of 2008-2012. I felt she is the best suited person and interviewed her.
Qualitative research Insights

From my past interviews, I have learned that carrying qualitative research with the approach of informal conversations is the most helpful method. This worked perfectly for me because apart from my questions on topic of interest I relied on most of participant’s responses as the interaction drove me towards asking many follow-up questions. Also I observed my participant felt comfortable with informal interaction. For example, for the question “What kind of motivation did you get from your family side?” She comfortably shared the bad personal experiences she had with her husband like the idea of getting divorce.
One more insight that I learned is to discuss the duration, purpose and confidentiality of the interview at the beginning

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