Study of Increasig the Number of Students to Class Timetables

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BACKGROUND STUDY During the research studies, I have observed some problem which is involves in KPTM KL. It is not only occur among the students, however the problem also faced by the staffs including lecturers. After I considered all the problems involving, I am so attractive to studies on the implication of increasing number of students to their class timetables. To start this, firstly I need to find the past research which is related to my studies and try to use it to guide me as long as my research is running. Therefore, I have chosen the review from Massachusetts 2020 which is studies on the effects of longer classes on learning. During my studies, I want to focus this research among the degree level students in KPTM …show more content…

During my observation just now, I have found that the class timetable problems are encountered by the most of the students in KPTM KL. The increasing number of registered students every semester gives problem to the management of KPTM to arrange the class timetable properly. They need to consider for the whole level of students in this college including diploma and degree students. With the increasing of students every semester, the facilities provided in the college including the classrooms, cafeteria, library, and computer laboratory are looks not enough to cover all of them. Even the number of all facilities is upgraded or added each semesters, it’s still not enough to give comforts for student to use it. As a result, the class timetable needs to arrange properly to ensure all students are fit to it.

My scope of the studies is exactly a student’s in KPTM KL. However, I more focus to run my studies among the degree level students. As a degree students, I am already faced the same problem. Over 100 from 673 of degree level students will be my respondent to complete my research during the next semester. I will select them randomly and try to collect as much as possible the useful information to cover my studies. My studies is focus more on the problem faced among degree students especially involving their class

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