Studying Moral Philosophy

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Every person at least once in his life felt that he has done something wrong or even immoral, and was encouraged to change his behavior. Even as a child many of us were constantly told: “Think about your behavior!” This reminder helps realize that one of the most powerful determinants of human behavior stems from our need to justify our actions. This feeling of discomfort caused by performing a certain action is called cognitive dissonance. However, sometimes justification of our actions, caused by cognitive dissonance, leads to the thought: “Who decided what is right or wrong?” or in other words: “What and where is the perfect example of living a moral life?” Studying moral philosophy shows us that people hold different worldviews that contain different models of moral justification. Based on the analysis of two philosophies, naturalism and theism, this paper argues that theism provides a better framework for making sense of morality and living a moral live, because it has more explanatory power regarding the notion of free will that people have. Naturalism mainly is though as a type of scientism, which implies that only things recognized by scientists as real are real. Although, there are many naturalists who hold this particular view, it is not the necessary feature of naturalism. Basically, naturalism can be divided into two components: metaphysical and methodological. The first one is often referred as ‘philosophical naturalism’ and it is the one covered in this

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