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ERR TASK D Winterbourne View hospital was a private hospital at Hambrook South GLoustershire. It was owned and run by a company called Castlebeck. Castlebeck were a provider of health care and support, for adults with learning disabilities, complex needs and challenging behavior. It was brought to the attention of the CQC on May 12th 2011 that the television program called Panorama was going to be broadcast, showing video evidence from a undercover reporter going into Winterbourne View as an employee. The reporter exposed the psychological and physical abuse of the patients at the hospital. The allegations were brought to light when concerns were raised by a former charge nurse called Terry Bryan. Prior to this the issues were raised to …show more content…

The NHS commissioning board and local government association started a new program of work called the development improvement program; this provides a national lead to make changes to services locally. Public opinion is affected greatly by issues of concern in the health and social care sector because most people know or have known somebody who needs care. if issues are raised people lose faith in the system, so they

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