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If you’ve recently cut down a tree in your yard only to be left with an annoying stump, you may be wondering how to get rid of it. Removing a tree stump can be a difficult task, so to get the job done quickly and correctly it’s best to call in the stump removal professionals at B & B Tree Service in Forest, Mississippi. B & B Tree Service are experts at all things trees, and are capable of handling jobs of any size. So whether it be a small tree stump or one that spans a few feet across, B & B Tree Service will remove it quickly and safely. B & B Tree Service says there are a variety of methods used to remove stumps depending on their size, condition, and where they’re located, including the following techniques: Hand Digging: A do-it-yourself…show more content…
Backhoe & Skidsteer: Backhoe and skidsteer machines are often used on larger job sites where there are many stumps to be removed. This method is also ideal for large, deep-rooted stumps. Chemical Removal: Chemical removal is another option for getting rid of annoying tree stumps, and involves drilling a series of holes into the stump to pour the chemicals into. This method is often used on already rotting stumps, and while it does speed up the decomposition process, it’s not one of the quickest methods used for stump removal. Fire: In some instances, people will use fire to remove stumps by piling pieces of scrap wood atop the stump and lighting it on fire. If you choose this method, never leave the fire unattended and always check with your local city and county to ensure it’s legal to burn. While some of the above stump removal options can be done alone, others should be handled by a professional tree service company, like backhoe removal. For the best professional tree stump removal in the Forest, MI area, give B & B Tree Service a call today at (601)
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