Stylistic Devices In The Giant Wistaria

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Final Analysis Writers of works of literature have long employed various stylistic devices to execute their literary objectives. Some of these stylistic devices include – but are not limited to – the use of settings, theme, and characters. Furthermore, such works can be analyzed, understood and interpreted through the lens of theories such as Feminism, Post-colonialism, and Existentialism. The use of various stylistic devices in service of the exploration of various literary theories serves to make literature vibrant, richer, and much more useful to the society in which the work is produced. Through the use of the mentioned stylistic devices, writers are able to demonstrate links that exist between their works of literature and theories such as Feminism, Post-colonialism, and Existentialism.
Analyzing “The Giant Wistaria” Using the Feminism Theory Feminism, as a movement, can be defined as the struggle that seeks to do away with institutionalized patriarchy. Additionally, it has the aim of championing for the social, political, economic, and cultural equality between the sexes. In doing this, feminism permeates all levels of society and cannot, therefore, be restricted to specific disciplines. This is how ideas of Feminism abound in literature. …show more content…

In the case of Charlotte Stetson, her intention in writing “The Giant Wistaria” was to show her displeasure with the prevailing instances of gender inequity in her society. In the case of Jean Paul Sartre, his existential philosophical leanings have influenced the existential ideas which are demonstrated in his short story. Equally, the experience of Philip Jeyaretnam in post-colonial Singapore has also influenced his short story. In all these short stories, the writers made use of various stylistic devices that would work in service of the greater philosophical underpinnings of the theories of Feminism, Post-colonialism, and

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