Subjective Social Constructs And Its Impact On Society Essay

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Subjective Social Constructs
Society is changing in the aspect of becoming more accepting and recognizing that although the sex of a person is biologically determined at birth, gender is a more fluid concept. Ones physical traits don’t determine a gender but ones personal beliefs, thoughts and emotions do. Social constructs are a subjective matter because each person is allowed to have their own attitude or mindset on certain situations, making their thoughts right in their own way. However, subjective social constructs of males and females and how they portray themselves have been enlightened in the recent years. Our culture today is more sensitive to the idea of accepting individuality and the characteristics or interests that makes people different and unique. Allowing people the freedom and acceptance of creating ones own identity, having an open mind, is one of the largest ways society has been changing throughout recent years. Along with society becoming more sensitive to the people, people in return feed off this change and have become more cautious and guarded, taking advantage of how they can evoke controversy or to get what they want. An example of people becoming more sensitive is the thought of assistance, such as gestures or chivalry, as a threat to a person’s independence. That a kind act actually has an underlying meaning such as manipulating a person and threating their self-sufficient abilities. Generation Block Comparison’s: The Silent Generation, Baby
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