Substance Abuse And Its Effects

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According to, substance abuse is defined as a “long-term, pathological use of alcohol or drugs, characterized by daily intoxication, inability to reduce consumption, and impairment in social or occupational functioning; broadly, alcohol or drug addiction (” Substance use can include anything from alcohol to any variety of drugs, prescription or illicit. Responsible alcohol use is considered being no more than 3 drinks for a woman and no more than 5 for a man in a single setting. Proper prescription medication use means only using the medication as it is recommended, or prescribed, by a doctor. Any other use of the medication falls under substance abuse and can put a person on the substance use disorder …show more content…

This same perspective was the one that set the precedence for drug abuse prevention programs and for the rehab facilities. The treatment modalities tended to be designed with an emphasis on the needs of the male clientele with the female clientele being pushed through a one size fits all style treatment. This started to change in the 1980’s after the second wave of the women’s movement occurred. Women began to question science’s conclusions that pointed to a male oriented bias in research, hypothesis and design (Anderson, p 286). Once questioned and pushed, researchers of substance use began using what is known as the “gender lens” approach. The gender lens tool was created by Dr. Anna Day at the University of Toronto. She believed that all areas of health and health care are influenced by gender. The idea was based on the belief of how glasses correct our vision, so could a metaphorical “gender lens” correct our view on gender, allowing attention to be focused on specific fender differences and needs of medical care that do require more research. It was an approach that looked at both genders separately and compared their different outcomes based on the specified genders, not based on the total usage (Van Koughnett, The Gender Lens).
The treatment modality for substance abuse used to be a one size fits all treatment that was geared toward the male population. Dr. Tammy Anderson

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