Substance Abuse And The Ethical And Legal Obligations

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In this paper, I will discuss the case study of a hypothetical client named "Mary." I will explain and describe a variety of factors that have been thought to underline substance abuse and will propose a formal diagnosis. After which, I will identify the treatment recommendations and specific approaches for Mary, as well as the ethical and legal obligations. To conclude, I will discuss the importance and significance of transference and counter transference. Substance use addiction is a multifaceted occurrence that challenges the unpretentious and tradition clarification or explanation (Frances, Miller, & Mack, 2011). According to Frances, et al., there is an interwoven collaboration of influences that contributes to an individual 's experimentation with, consumption, and perhaps succeeding abuse of drugs (2011). Regardless of the combination of causative dynamics, the actions and effects employed by drugs of abuse cause all substance abuse and compulsion.
Case Study and Presenting Issues Mary presented as a 24 year old, single African American female who is self-referred at this time; she was, however, recommended by a friend to attend the assessment. Mary has identified that she has consistently used heroin for the last five years and is afraid that she is approximately 12 weeks pregnant, and unable to stop using. Mary has included that she has consumed four to five beers each night. In order to properly develop an appropriate

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