Subway Honesty: The Art Deco City

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The subway tiles have been around since the beginning of the 20th century. This type of tiles was named “Subway” because it was widely used for facing the walls of subway stations in New York and Paris. Even today, you can see these tiles in such underground stations as the 23rd Street station or Church Avenue station. This period was also marked by the emergence of the artistic style called Art Deco (Decorative Art) which had such characteristic features as smoothness, plasticity, and decorativeness. The Art Deco, as the architectural and decorative style, has already lost its actuality in the mainstream art, but it keeps living in the home décor, particularly in our subway tiles. If you want any room of your house to look orderly and geometrically balanced, the subway tiles will be a wonderful choice. You can choose from more than 100 variants of 3” by 6” subway tiles, which are currently available in our store, to create the artsy and aesthetically pleasing …show more content…

Black tiling, on the other hand, will create a deeply calm and somewhat enigmatic environment. But you can also use two or even three types of subway tiles of different colors to make the room look more vibrant. If you pick the contrasting tiles, you will be able to create an edging that encircles the entire room. Such an edging usually highlights the geometrical symmetry of the interior which is a characteristic feature of Art Deco. And don't forget to hang an impressive-looking mirror, preferably with some metal features, on the wall of the bathroom which was faced with 3”x6” subway tiles. Such mirror will serve as the compositional center of the room. Total symmetry, which is an axiom for the Art Deco style, can also be achieved a medium-sized wall-mounted lamp on each side of the mirror. The combination of soft light and subway tiles will create a magnificent aura of comfort and

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