Success with Orgination and Time Management

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Success With Organization and Time Managment Returning to college after having been out of the school system for seven years has been quite a challenge. For me, high school was relatively easy; I had a teacher there to hold my hand every step of the way. The college scene is completely different as O 'Keeney states, "You 're really on your own when it comes to passing courses." Having strong organization and time management skills has helped make my time at college successful thus far. I owe a great deal of gratitude towards my work experiences. Without them, I would be having an extremely difficult time in college because "As a college student, you will be in complete control of your time and how you use it" (Surviving Freshman…show more content…
I also make it important to have personal time blended in nicely with homework and studying. My husband and I usually pick a night of the week to have "date night"; this is our opportunity to spend quality time with each other as well as catch up with all the things that have been going on during the week. I cannot express how much help it has been for me to keep organized and manage my time properly. So far, I have been able to keep up my grades and have managed to complete my duties outside of school. Organization has also helped me to have a positive attitude towards everything; in other words, "A positive attitude is the key to everything else – good study habit, smart time scheduling, and coping with personal difficulties" (O 'Keeney). I suggest that anyone who may be struggling right now take the time to get organized and see if that makes a difference. Works Cited O 'Keeney, Brian. "How to Make It in College, Now That You 're Here" College writing Skills with Readings. Ed. John Langan. New York: McGraw, 1985 "Surviving Freshman

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