Succession Planning For The Nursing Leadership Essay

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It is essential for organizations to have a succession program in place when choosing potential candidates in times of leadership transition and or restructuring. Developing an adequate succession plan is also important in maintaining organizational stability. Succession planning is proactive and attempts to ensure the continuity of leadership by cultivating talent from within the organization through planned development activities. This report will present a succession planning process for the Nursing Leadership (NL) of Commonwealth Health Inc. First, the report will outline the succession plan objectives and the program approach. Next, it will highlight how to identify key leader positions that require preparation and planning. Then, the paper will delineate multiple indicators of a potential successor. After that, it will highlight standards to evaluate the positions. Finally, the report will conclude with the succession planning review process.
Succession planning objectives are vital to ensuring the overall accomplishment of well-developed and continuous management of succession plans (see Table 1). The lack of executive talent can have a catastrophic impact on a business however; adequate succession planning and good succession management will cultivate a consortium of talent with skills, attributes, and experiences to fill specific key positions. Clear and concise succession planning objectives are a part of a much larger approach and

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