Sugary Drinks Should Be Taxed

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Sugary drinks should be taxed. By adding taxes, it decreases the risks of health problems. Buyers of sugary drinks might also drink healthier. Nobody would get bad habits either. Our country would be better off with taxed sugary drinks.

One reason sugary drinks should be taxed is it decreases the high risks of health problems. Critics argue that people are in charge of what they drink. While that may be true, the government tries to keep others from being unhealthy for their own good. There would be less risks of childhood obesity, type 2 diabetes, and much more. Dr. Jeff Ritterman, a cardiologist, said, “ Solid foods produce satiety. You get full. You get full when you eat a piece of cake. You don’t get full when you drink the soda, even …show more content…

Less money would be spent on sugary drinks when there are taxes. No one wants to pay more money just on drinks. While some people might think they could get a diet drink, it is also very unhealthy. An example of this is the “Proposition E”. The “Proposition E” is a tax that would have provided money for health, nutrition, and physical education programs. This tax was not accepted by the people in San Francisco. In addition, taxes reduce the consumption of soda (the liver cannot handle that much fructose). Beverage makers would be encouraged by the taxes to create new drinks that have only a little bit of sugar. For kids, they could get use to being more healthy.

The last reason is adding taxes helps people get rid of (or not start) bad habits. Addiction to sugary drinks would be prevented. Also, hyperness because of sugary drinks could be stopped. This implies that the higher the taxes are, the lower the chances of being hyper are. School lunches could improve and become more healthy. In addition, people would be at least a bit healthier because of the taxation. There would be one less unhealthy kind of drink/food in the state(s).

Taxes should be put on sugary drinks. The percentage of people getting health problems would diminish. More people would drink healthier choices. Bad habits could also end, because of the high sugar amounts. Sometimes taxes can be considered terrible, but other times, they are for your own

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