Sugary Tax Disadvantages

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Nowadays, raising a tax on sugary beverages is a controversial issue throughout the world. As consumption of sugary drinks has increased, health incident rate has increased as well. Soft drinks are very popular to the public, children and teenagers in particular. So, there would be positive effects by legislating a tax on sugary drinks. It can reduce their consumption as well as it results in increasing public health. However, opponents of sugar tax insist that there are not only advantages but also disadvantages. This essay will argue that the positive influences and negative influences of increasing a tax on sugary drinks and why it is necessary.

Firstly, sugary drinks lead to health problems such as obesity and diabetes. Many countries have admitted the potential of a tax on sugary drinks (Sacks, Martin & Veerman 2016) According to a research, it would save 1,600 lives, preventing 4,400 heart attacks and 1,100 strokes for the next 25 years by raising 20% of the price of soft drinks (Sacks, Martin & Veerman 2016). This policy will result in people to consume less sugary beverages, connecting to decreased BMIs, reduced incidences of disease after that reduced deaths (Cormack 2016). The effect of increasing a price will be conspicuous to people who drink many sugary drinks (Sacks, Martin & Veerman).
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Two-thirds of respondents agreed with a tax on sugary beverages if the money was used to decrease the expense of healthy food (Sacks, Martin & Veerman 2016). This powerful social support should make it enormously engaging policy choice for the Australian government (Sacks, Martin & Veerman
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