Suicide : A Controversial And Thought Provoking Issue

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Discussing suicide can be a very controversial and thought provoking issue. At first glance, one may just think it’s a very black and white topic, and most would agree that suicide consists of someone voluntarily taking their own life. For most people, they would believe it is wrong, but what about in certain cases where the person that chooses suicide is enduring severe suffering? What is the appropriate view about assisted suicide? Why is teen suicide so prevalent? This book addresses these questions, along with many others. The book “Suicide” gives many different views from many different writers regarding the discussion of suicide in hopes of bringing a new thought and outlook on the topic. (Connors). There are several other discussions in the book, such as suicide bombing, but to focus on a certain aspect of the book I will leave that topic out. In the first section of the book, it begins with asking the question of whether suicide is immoral or not. This book offers both sides of this argument, which is very interesting. Those that argue that it is immoral give different views to why that is so. The article “Christians Believe in the Sanctity of Life” in the book discusses the issue of PAS, which is physician assisted suicide, being legal (p.24). The article discusses the fact that generally Christian conservatives are for preserving state’s rights. However, in the case of PAS, as it relates to the law in Oregon that allows it, Christian conservatives feel that

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