Suicide As An Alarming Aspects Of Suicide In Adolescents

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Suicide in Adolescents Suicide has been listed as the third leading cause of death in individuals of ages 15-24 years, according to the (Center of Disease Control and Prevention [CDC], 2008). Suicide by definition is the act of intentionally taking one’s own life by the use of drugs or lethal methods. Firearms are the most common method of suicide across all ages. Suicide and Suicidal attempts have been growing at an alarming rate (Diekstra & Garnefski, 1995) and theses activities are commonly found within individuals undergoing the adolescence phase. In the United States, the death rate of suicide is 7.32 and 12.58 per 100,000 in adolescents and young adults respectively (CDC, 2009). This is said to be a consistent trend with international averages (Heuveline, 2002). Studies have been proven to show that girls attempt suicide twice as often as boys. On the other hand, the attempts of boys are more successful (Nock et al., 2008). The reason is that, men oftentimes lean to the use of guns or jumping from heights, while women attempt suicide through the use of pills. Another alarming aspect of youth suicide is based off their sexual orientations. Homosexual adolescents are at a higher risk of committing suicide than heterosexual adolescents . Average rates of suicidal thoughts and behaviors were 28 percent for sexual minority youth and 12 percent for heterosexuals (Marshal et al., 2011). The cause of this is the lack of social support given to this specific group of

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