Sula Character Analysis

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The phrase opposites attract is proven true by the characters Sula and Nel in the novel Sula by Toni Morrison. When an individual desires to be complete, they seek this completion through things other than themselves. This is exactly what Sula and Nel, the main characters in Sula, do. These two characters are formed through their families, and the level of structure their families have given them. They are initially attracted to each other at the age of twelve out of disparity. Nel is seeking to understand the unstructured, comfortless, disorderly life Sula lives. Sula is intrigued by the structured, comforting, orderly life Nel’s upbringing provided her with. The personalities of these two individual characters contribute to the overall …show more content…

Nel, on the other hand, grew up with a proper, strict mother. Her name was Helene, and she was a woman of strict order, who made the expectations for her daughter high and clear. Nel grew up under this parenting heavily influencing her everyday behaviors. Due to this difference in family life, they were attracted together as friends, fulfilling the statement, “Opposites attract”. There was also a personality difference between the two girls. Sula had always been the rougher, tougher one, as opposed to the quieter Nel. Nel, although quieter, as an adult was married and never cheated on her husband, Jude. Nel breaks the promise she made to herself to develop her own identity, by choosing to marry young just as her mother had. Her husbands idea of a happy life is him working an inferior man's job, however his marriage contradicts that. Nel fulfills Helene's expectations of marriage, letting go of her goal to be independent and live on her own terms. A bond that holds the two friends so closely together is the good and bad between the two, in the particular case of the death of Chicken Little. Nel is just as guilty for not doing anything about the death as Sula is for committing the crime, however this strays from her perfect reputation she hold in the Bottom.
Both Sula and Nel played important roles in the society and community of the Bottom. Although Sula didn't have a very reputable

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