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Social Science Portfolio Images of Organizations By Robert Quartey Date: 20th Dec 2012 TABLE OF CONTENT SS2 ACTIVITY 1 3 SS2 ACTIVITY 2 6 SS2 ACTIVITY 3 9 SS2 ACTIVITY 4 12 SS2 ACTIVITY 5 15 SS2 ACTIVITY 6 19 SS2 ACTIVITY 1 “What is an organization” In my opinion, an organization is basically members of a working group that are structured and allocated various tasks with the aim of achieving a common goal. “A visit to Mcdonald’s” Q.1 In what ways does a Mcdonald’s retail outlet resemble a machine? Mcdonalds resembles a machine in the following ways: * A machine usually consists of different parts achieving a common goal. For instance, a car engine would consist of different parts such the alternator, cylinders, injection…show more content…
However, when unexpected problems arise in planning or with procedures at the production level. Feedback has to be sent all the way up to the president for a solution or approval of proposed solutions. Omega on the other hand, has a centralized structure and thus decision making is distributed generally throughout the company. This has an advantage when there is an unexpected problem at production level since decisions could be implemented without going through the bureaucratic process as compared to Acme. However, this system also slows down decision making on general issues. Every unit of production would have decision making at all levels and this decreases effectiveness since instead of just following standard procedures laid down from upper management. Lower levels of management would also like to contribute and expect consideration on their proposals. For high volumes of producing standard circuit boards it is generally more effective to have a mechanic structure such as Acme. The effectiveness of Acme could change based on the following: * Technological advancement: As the technology involved in making circuit boards advances, the effectiveness of a mechanic organization decreases since decisions and sharing of information among all department would become essential in ensuring efficiency and effectiveness. * Emerging Competition: As other companies enter the market, the market becomes
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