Summarise The Main Question Of My Beautiful Dog

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Read Straightforward descriptive text
Answer :
1. What is the title of the text?
My beautiful dog
2. Summarise the main topic of the first paragraph
I have a beautiful dog . He is very lovely. He is medium size,black and white color. His eye are blue and bright.
3. Summarise the main topic of the second paragraph.
His name is Lobo. He is Siberian Husky. I am going to take care of him and love him all the life.
4. Summarise the main topic of the descriptive text.
I have a beautiful dog name Lobo.He is Siberian Husky. He is medium size, black and white color. His eyes are blue and bright. He is lovely and I am going to take care of him and love him all the life.
5. Who wrote the descriptive text?
This descriptive text was written by a 12yrs old girl from China.
6. What type of text is this?
b) A narrative text

7. What type of animal is described and what is its name? He is a Siberian Husky dog and it’s name is Lobo.

8. List the adjectives in the text.
Beautiful, cute. lovely, sweet, bright.
9. In the text the writer describes her dog by saying he is “like” other things. What does the writer say her dog like?
Sweet like vanilla
Cute like a little baby
When he was a puppy he was like a little kitten
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