Summary : ' Constitution, Liberty, And The Torah Essay

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Moshe Fishman
Constitution, Liberty, & the Torah
Semester I Project
November 25, 2016



The country of Germany is mostly well known to most for its history of, “Nazi

Germany”. Its also famously known for the great wars of World war 1, and world war Two.

The government of German has had drastic changes, before, during, and after these wars.

This country was not always a Federal Republic state. In fact after World War One, Germany

Was overrun with a dictatorship!

By the aftermath of World War One, times hit wearingly & made it strenuous for the

people of Germany to get back on their feet. The people of Germany had to rebuild, & try to

survive the harsh conditions of life that the aftermath of the war brought to them. It was

around that time; the late 1920s that the Great Depression, hit. Plummeting German jobs,

leaving people homeless, helpless, and hungry. The dictatorship made a massive impact on

conditions and only made matters worse.

The way this dictatorship was being upheld was by the hands of a loyal political party.

When August of 1934 came, President Hindenburg passed away. This coming into play of all

that is happening, allowed Hitler to conjoin the two positions of presidency and positions of

chancellor into one. When this happened Hitler was crowned with the ultimate name, Fuehrer,

and Reich Chancellor. Thus making him infamously powerful, and allowing him to force a

dictatorship upon Germany.

As soon as

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