Summary Of 5 ½ Men By Dorthea Lange

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5 ½ Men: 1939 Dorthea Lange’s photo “5 ½ Men” clearly exhibits the job scarcity in the time of The Great Depression. The photograph shows 5 men standing beside a large trailer full of cut down trees and the bottom half of a man standing on top of one of the trees on the trailer. The men appear to be worn out as if it is the end of a long day’s work. The five men standing beside the trailer are all holding logging tools; two of them have double sided axes and the other three have a log peavey in hand. One of the tires on the trailer isn’t even on the rim which make the trailer look like it’s in bad shape and like it won’t roll very well. All of this looks to be in the middle of a forest; perhaps on top of a mountain. This photo plainly shows
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