Kenneth Davis A Nation Rising Summary

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A Book Review of Kenneth C. Davis’s A Nation Rising
By: Kaitlyn Woodall

American History 201 Mrs.Whitmire December 5, 2017 Introduction A Nation Rising, Kenneth C. Davis tells the story of the “black hole” in American History. He presents a series of political events that occurred during 1800-1850 that shaped our nation and it’s political views. HeIn describes in several different chapters what occurred during this period of the US. This paper will review Davis’s view as well as his main arguments, and will explain the untold tales of American History.
This book seeks to explore the ideals that birthed our nation-All men are created equal- and parallel that with the fact that so many founders owned slaves and also condoned the genocide of Native Americans. A contemplation on irony versus cultural norms. The time period discussed in this book is from 1800 to 1850. During this time America became a nation from “sea to shining sea”. It was a time of discovery, growth, and exploration for the United States. In 1800, the federal government moved from Philadelphia to our now nation’s capitol, Washington D.C. A year later, Thomas Jefferson becomes the third

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