Summary Of Abigail And John Adams Debate Women's Rights

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Primary Source Analysis #2 “Abigail and John Adams Debate Women’s Rights,” is of two letters first from Abigail and the second was John Adams with his response to Abigail. The 1774 letters showed how Abigail was advocating for women’s rights as John Adams defines the authority males really have in society. Abigail Adams was the wife of John Adams and was vital for his successes. Before she became his wife she was part of a “picture perfect nuclear family” (Biography), with her father being a minister; she was “early introduced to public service and civic responsibility” (Biography) and was self-educated. Even though John Adams wanted to be too because he didn’t get enough from schooling, he eventually went into law. She was an advocate…show more content…
These letters were supposed to be just between Abigail and John Adams, these aren’t government documents but personal. This source was created when John Adams, was first part of the Congressional Congress and then Sons of Liberty to successfully gain independence. They wanted the colonies separate from the British and to form laws. He helped draft the Declaration of Independence and had The Treaty of Paris of 1783 enacted, in conclusion ended the revolutionary war by negotiating peace between the United States and Great Britain. He also advocated against the Stamp Act that was put in place by the British to tax everyone, by putting taxes on postage, newsletters, and legal and commercial documents. Even though they were independent, the British still owned trading. The text states that the “[leaders] have been told [their] struggle has loosened the bonds of government everywhere” (Cobbs 103), this quote proves that the way the government or the authority was structured back then even though there were unhappy people and even the women being recognized as, “another tribe” (Cobbs 103) there was still the necessary amount of authority to gain independence. Without the, “extraordinary code of laws” (Cobbs 103), independence wouldn’t of happened as it did, with the formation of the treaty. There could have been more wars. John Adams was very important because even though he didn’t fight in the revolutionary way he advocated for the people as much as he

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