Summary Of Austin Pryor And 9 Disadvantages Of Investing

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Cole Kliegl Ms. Kiera Ball ENG 101T 2-22-15 Are Mutual Funds Good Investments “20 MAJOR ADVANTAGES OF INVESTING IN MUTUAL FUNDS” by Austin Pryor and “9 Disadvantages of Investing in Mutual Funds” by InvestorGuide Staff both discuss whether or not mutual funds would be worth investing in or not. The article by Austin Pryor is more convincing than the article by InvestorGuide Staff because of the fact that Austin Pryor was able to list over twice as much advantages to disadvantages and he also has more logic in his article when compared to InvestorGuide Staff’s articles. They both talk about whether or not Mutual Funds have to many choices to be made. According to InvestorGuide staff’s article it states: “However, there are over 10,000 mutual funds in operation, and these funds vary greatly according to investment objective, size strategy, and style. Mutual funds are available for virtually every investment strategy (e.g. value, growth), every sector (e.g. biotech, internet), and every country and region of the world. So even the process of selecting a fund can be tedious” (Staff). This quote shows just how complex investing in mutual funds can be for a person especial if he or she knows nothing about investing. Now according to Austin Pryor in his article it says that there are advisors that are available to help with making the choices with mutual funds (Pryor).Also there are a good amount of newsletters that can advise someone in mutual funds (Pryor). One of the
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