Summary Of Barbara Carper's Ways Of Knowing Concepts

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Nurses often have to make quick decisions, usually without adequate time to consider the entire situation. Have you ever wondered, how a person knew what to do, seemingly without ever thinking about it? Barbara Carper, was able to answer this question in detail with her “Ways of Knowing Concepts”, which she developed particularly for the nursing profession (Zander, 2011). A few of her concepts will be compared to a clinical situation, personal to this author. The above question will be explained in multiple ways so the reader will better understand Carper’s concepts and how they may apply to their own situation. This will be accomplished by: describing the clinical situation, observing applicable concepts and then relating them to the situation, visiting how an understanding of her concepts explains interventions and critical thinking, and how evidence affects critical thinking and knowing. The author’s experience started by caring for assigned patients in the emergency department (ED), one who was in serious condition and needed to be monitored very closely. Another part of that night’s assignment was to participate as the code team nurse; which responds to emergencies on all floors of the hospital. During the care of the serious patient, Code Blue was announced over the intercom. The care of the serious patient was handed off to a competent peer to be cared for while code team duties were attended to. Upon arrival to what was supposed to be a cardiac event,

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