Summary Of Capstone Project Proposal

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According to Keele (2011) the top 10 statistical methods of analysis consists of the following: mean, frequency distribution, standard deviation, range, percentages, T-test (independent and dependent), Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), correlation, Cronbach’s alpha, and Chi-Square (p. 54). I will be using the qualitative research method for my problem solving approach. Although I may not be using all of the top 10 statistical methods of analysis I can associate the methods with my Capstone Project Proposal. A commonly known measure of central tendency is called mean, which requires either interval or ratio data. According to Heavey (2014) defines mean as, “the sum of the values divided by the total number of observations” (p. 33). An example …show more content…

The unpaired T-test will be used for compare my variables and the Chi-square test will be used specifically for the categorical variables (Pröpper, van Valen, van Domburg, Brunott, & Bogers, 2015, p. 532). The Student’s T-test determines the difference of means for two samples (). The Chi-square test, “is used to find a relationship or difference in an outcome or a dependent variable measured at the nominal or ordinal level” (p. 162). The Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) test is used when there is a dependent variable shared among two samples, the mean is compared (). For my Capstone Project, noise exposure could be compared using the ANOVA test.
Correlation is the relationship between two variables (). In my Capstone Project correlation testing could be used to understand the relationship between nursing knowledge and quality of sleep. Last but not least, there is Cronbach’s alpha. Cronbach’s alpha is used to determine reliability. The Cronbach’s alpha reliability instrument will be used to evaluate the initial interview questions for the patient and nurse …show more content…

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