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Long ago, at a minute village adjacent to Roc-A-Fella peaks, there lived three puerile boys. Jermaine, Nas, and Kendrick. Kendrick was a scion of the lightning district of the village, Nas was born and raised in the fire district, and Jermaine was a simple village boy who grew crops and raised cattle. Ever since the village was established it was divided into four main groups. The fire district, the lightning district, the village folk, and the All Mighty’s. Mostly all lived in placidity until one day. It was December and the day was arctic. The wind blew rapidly and incoherently as the village folk worked on the crops and attend to their many cattle. Then, something commenced falling from the was snowing. Customarily this…show more content…
In this time the Inferno All-Seer, god of the fire district, proposes to migrate to a place free of snow. The people of the district are torn. They do not optate to leave the village,whereas this is their abode. In apperception of this, Inferno comes to a devilish resolution. His proposition? To overrun the lighting district and, relocate in their absence, in the only place free of snow. The people are shocked, but their moral dilemma is ephemeral when it seems this is their only option. It is decided! If the snow does not elucidate in the next three days, the vigorous of the district will ambuscade the unsuspecting people of the lightning district; utilizing any force indispensable to clear the land. When word spreads to the lightning district the All-Seer for their land, Voltage, declares war on any advances that are made by the fire district. Coercing cause to no further delay a war as massive as the Battle of Mt. Olympus. Meanwhile at the bottom of the Throne, the highest mountain on Roc-A-Fella peaks, halted was Jermaine awaiting the advent of his accomplices Nas and Kendrick. The three kenning the struggles they’re all in, they have decided to visit the top of the Throne to verbalize with the gods. To seek answers on the snow and how to stop it. As they battle mythical creatures of mass proportion and engenderment, they withstand every test to get to the top. In each battle one of the three accomplices

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