Summary Of Communication In A Tale Of Two Front Pages

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Communication is the most important thing in every relationship. Whether it is good communication or bad, it always says something about the relationship of the people. After reading an article called A Tale of Two Front Pages, by Stanely Fish that was about two magazines that communicated a story in very different ways, I have concluded that I agree with the assessment of the articles. In addition, I covered the two different ways that an argument, like the one that Fish brought can be handled when they arise. And finally, what stuck out most to me about Stephen Carter's Integrity.
Stanley Fish's opinion portrayed though A Tale of Two Front Pages, could not be more truthful. When Fish makes the comment of "... if we put all the accounts offered by the media together, we would get something like the true story" (Fish). Readers believe what is written by journalist, song and book writers are base off of fact. Most people write based on fact, but twist it and use it in a way to persuade the reader of what they want them to believe. Often times, this shifts the entire story from one focus point to another, like the two covers talked about in A Tale of Two Front Pages. With the shift in stories it can frequently create a story/cover that is disinhibiting. This means that the story/cover may be "less restrained and more spontaneous but also impersonal, abrupt, and often offensive" (Rothwell 10). When analyzing the articles that Fish compared, the one written in the Daily News

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