Summary Of ' Coyote And The Enemy Aliens '

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Japanese Canadians- “Aliens?”

“Coyote and the Enemy Aliens” is a satirical commentary that effectively expounds on the intense objectification and dehumanization of Japanese Canadians during the colonial Canadian era. By depicting the grotesque living conditions, the Japanese were subjected to, King is able to critique the racist perspectives of the Canadian society. King condemns the actions of colonial white-men, depicting them as creatures engulfed in moral blindness that strive to fabricate an ideal white world. Moreover, King vividly portrays the idea of social dynamics, expounding on the helplessness of Citizens against dominant political powers. King also introduces an idea of conformity, showcasing how citizens gradually adapt to …show more content…

The climax of the prose illustrates the disturbing elements of socio-political history in Canada. The political entities stand in the near vicinity of the vehicle, “singing “O Canada.” and waving flags”. Through the depiction of this disturbing image, King criticizes racist political leaders in Canada that justified their crimes cemented on ideals of nationalism- reflecting on the moral conscience of colonial Canada. The insensitivity of white-men is expounded in their embarkment of engineering the atomic bomb. In the near conclusion of the story, Coyote travels to Los Alamos to “make the world safe for freedom”. The white- men euphemistically portray the Manhattan project (in Los Alamos) as a catalyst of peace and prosperity. However, this notion is ironic as this project engineered a mass destruction weapon leading innocent people being evaporated in a second. King inputs this powerful idea to expose the Hippocratic nature of white-men in that era, who patronized themselves as saints, but in reality, were responsible for the construction of the most dangerous military weapon.

The intensely grotesque perspectives and actions committed by coyote are a striking testament to how the general population was able to be manipulated based on ludicrous perceptions of Japanese propagated in Canada. King employs the dim-witted character of Coyote to satirize racist Canadian politicians and comment on their prejudiced notions

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