Summary Of Dostoevsky's 'Crime And Punishment'

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Yellow has a duality about it, in one hand it represents hope, happiness, and health where as in the other it firmly grasps sickness, jealousy, and fear. In Dostoevsky's work “Crime and Punishment” he uses yellow as an indicator for the sinfulness and filth that permeates and surrounds the characters. To compound the sinful filthy nature of the characters yellow also adopts the form of sickness, manifesting in both mental and physical states: a sentiment that is mirrored in Perkins Stetsons’ work “The Yellow Wallpaper”
Dostoevsky's depiction of sin and sickness is prevalent throughout his work, often physically looming over characters and smothering them in it’s malevolent tendrils. Dostoevsky's first indication of this sickness clawing …show more content…

She sees her image as it “crawls around fast”, this apparition represents her lust for freedom as she begins to “see her out every one of my windows! It is always the same woman, I know, for she is always creeping and most women do not creep by daylight.” Inevitably the narrators confinement in the yellow walled room snaps her psyche, taking on the full role of the woman in the wallpaper. The narrator wins her freedom, escaping her societal confinements, represented as her having “pulled off most of the paper, so now you can’t put me back!”
To Raskolnikov yellow manifests his physical frailty upon killing Alyona and his acute paranoia. While yellow at a glance seems to represent Raskolnikov, he never outwardly states anything yellow about himself. Yellow permeates the environment Raskolnikov and the other denizens occupy, even managing to sink its teeth into the broken and dejected. Raskolnikov will look at a man, yellow face, “bloated from continual drinking” and determine that he is in fact better than him. Raskolnikov observes “the little yellow room that was like a cupboard or a box” and his mind “craved for space.” Raskolnikov will regard a “ yellowish glass filled with yellow water” as below him. This is a man who determines that he is one of those “superior humans” who have the ability bypass the moral laws of

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